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New Children's Pocket Park in Costa Mesa February 2021

What is the latest accessory in Costa Mesa?  No, it’s not purple hair or the latest in designer face masks.  If you give up, then maybe you’re not hanging out in the residential East Side of town.  Drive a few blocks in on University Drive, up to the intersection at Santa Ana Avenue and you’ve arrived at the city’s newest pocket park!    Only open for one week, word has already gotten out!  We wandered over to check it out, and found the park crawling with local parents and kids.  The tiny space was packed in a socially distanced sort of way, as children clambered about the colorful equipment, happily enjoying the beautiful weather.  Thank you, Costa Mesa!  We love that you are offering our residents this wonderful escape from pandemic worries.   Named after Rachel Perez Hamilton, a long-time resident of Costa Mesa and community leader, this cute little parcel of land is a haven of bright-colored playground equipment and soft ground cover to protect the little ones when th

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